Our Insigtful Wellness Retreats are carefully designed to promote wellness from the inside out. They revolve around holistic practices that enable physical, emotional, mental and spiritual consciousness, balance & well-being. 


Become a Gypsy of Wellness

Are you looking to nourish, recharge or connect with your inner self? Are you feeling emotionally drained and without direction? Are you eagered to learn about many different wellness practices and approaches but do not know where to start? This retreat features a beginners guide to wellness and mindful living. It is perfect  to jump start a balanced mind, body & spirit kind of life style.


Surf the Waves of Life

Are you adventurous? Do you like to try new, exhilarating and daring experiences? Do you like to explore new places and do things you've never done before? This retreat is for those who are free spirited and open-minded. Activities revolve around surfing and learning how to surf world class waves. It also involves yoga, mediation and cultural exploration. Whether you are new to surfing or a even a pro, northern Peru is a surfers' dream. 


Personalize Your Own Time

Are you interested in disconnecting from life for a while? With no agenda, no commitments and nothing to do except whatever you want to do? Would you like to spend some time alone, read a book and star at the Sea? This retreat depends completely on you. Enjoy the relaxing soft sand beaches of northern Peru and let yourself be marveled.