is a Health & Wellness Entrepreneur and Personal Coach, Insight Blogger, Natural Photographer, Spiritual Philosopher and the Founder of The Wellness Insight. Although she is a New Yorker by heart, she travels the world seeking out new health and wellness approaches, theories, insights, recipes, practices and more. 

For Krystal wellness is a holistic approach that begins from within and culminates with how you interact socially and environmentally with the world. She believes that health and wellness can be practiced in many ways. Therefore, in a multidimensional way she invites women and men of all ages to come to understand personal insights and find their own wellness balance based  on  those insights. You don't have to be good at anything all you need is a deep curiosity, willingness and a sincere desire to be better than you were yesterday.

In her blog she writes to the everyday you and seeks to raise awareness to the growing mindfulness industry that is taking place all over the world today. Therefore, she also invites other professionals and talented spirits to work with her in various ways. She believes that with the right access to information, the proper resources and natural curiosity, people can be encouraged to lead healthy and well-balanced lives. 

Five years ago Krystal decided to leave the hustle and bustle of NYC and find inner peace. Originally, she sought to remove herself from all the city life stressors and distractions, specifically the media influences and all the social ideals it imposed. By exposing herself to new experiences, people and ways of living Krystal was able to more deeply define her ambiguous sense of self and purpose.


She lived in the Dominican Republic for a couple of years without television and limited access to internet. In her spare time she took up various forms of yoga classes including AeroYoga, Astanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Meridian stretching exercises. She experimented with many different forms meditations, Pranayama, mantra chanting, mandala painting and traditional Tibetan Rituals. She attempted to master the art of capoeira along with more mainstream fitness modules such as crossfit, paddle boarding, biking and running. To relax she got regular psychosomatic shiatsus, moxa therapy, applied kinesiology and polarity therapy. She explored her creative and artistic self through painting and journaling. And learned to cook with local fruits and vegetables while exploring many Ayurvedic remedies typical to the island.

During those years she also traveled to other continents including Europe, Asia, Central and South America, where she explored other wellness practices as well as cultures. Now she resides in Peru. A country rich in culture, biodiversity, mysticism, natural endeavors and adventure. Through her blog she invites you to join her on her journey through Peru and the rest of South America.

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Krystal's Personal Wellness Insight

"Over the course of the years I have come to realize that wellness is not as simple as being free from illnesses or eating healthy. It is in fact a very intricate journey of change and growth that involves much trail and error as well as a constant search for more. With The Wellness Insight I offer you the tools to get started, a community to be a part of, retreats to indulge in and insights of much more. "


Being lost is the beginning to finding yourself and what you want.
— Krystal Calise

Keep in mind that wellness means many different things to many different people and it changes depending on the time in your life. It is relative to your age, your goals, your needs, your strengths, your beliefs, your knowledge and your desires. As you come to know more about yourself, you will come to understand more of what you want. Wellness has many different dimensions from your physical body, to your spiritual practices, to your overall knowledge and your desires for more. How you interact with the people and the world around you also influences your wellness. True wellness requires an honest examination of who you think you are, who you are actually being and who you want to become. 

With todays world of information, trends, distractions and social ideals many of us can feel lost or disconnected from who we truly are or who we want to be. Therefore as I invite you to be a wellness seeker, I invite you to get to know yourself, to get to know what you like or dont like; what you need or have too much of - I invite you to find balance in all the dimensions of life. Try things out, fail, learn, grow, evolve and ultimately become who you were meant to be. Because being lost is the beginning to finding yourself and what you want. It enables you to identify the things that mean most to you and ask the questions you need to ask. 

Through my interactive blog, I along with some other wellness seekers will share some of our very own personal wellness stories, know hows and insights. However, if you seek a more personal experience to jump start your wellness journey you can work with me personally through one on one wellness coaching from any part of the world. Or if you are seeking a deeper experience I welcome you to fully immerse yourself with any of our Insightful Retreats where you can explore different wellness dimensions first hand.

I hope The Wellness Insight inspires you to seek your soul, try out new things and embark on your own journey to the wellness you deserve!




Wellness Insighters

Our tribe is composed of unique individuals who have recognized their own personal journey to wellness and are interested in making the world a better place through their own practice. How they communicate that varies in their skills, insights and the dimension of wellness they are contributing to. How we welcome them here is the same: simply supporting amazing people doing great things.

Leah Donatiello

Is a yoga teacher based in Peru, trained in India and raised Canada. She believes that wellness is about finding outlets in life that increase our wellbeing, relationships, health and ultimately overall happiness. For Leah her wellness is her happiness from doing yoga, to surfing, to vegan eating and great company. She believes the key to happiness is finding a balance between the things that bring you joy and your responsibilities. In her classes, Leah uses her specific training in Ashtanga Vinyasa flow yoga and offers an educated approach to each sequence. In addition to teaching yoga, Leah also runs a non-profit organization called High Tides International where she works with local children in the Lobitos community to offer them outlets outside their everyday life. If you are interested in helping out or just attending to one of her classes reserve any of our Peru based Insightful Retreats and experience what Lobitos Yoga with Leah is all about. 

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Naiana Lunelli

Born in 1984 in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, at the age of 22 she began practicing Swásthya Yôga, a philosophy that she deeply identified for offering techniques to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being, and teaching since 2013. In her studies with Bach Floral Remedies she found a complementary therapy to help people to become more aware of their inner and outer world. For her wellness is to synchronize speech, action, thought and heart, and thus be able to act according to its true essence. Currently resides in Lobitos, Peru, where the universe conspired for her to create some roots. 

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marissa gould

Based in LA, Marissa is an Acro Yoga instructor, part time actress and painter. She invites young women to challenge the common norms and to be brave. From a young age Marissa has always been a fearless entrepreneur she began in NYC, moved to Miami and now she thrives in LA. For her Acro Yoga is more than a passion, it is her calling and she encourages all to join her and give it a try. Don't worry if you can't do a head stand. Join her at any of the upcoming AcroYoga Wellness Retreat and you will be surprised to see the strength you have within.

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Nima Veiseh

Based in Washington D.C., Nima is a part-time taekwondo instructor and painter amongst many other things. He has recently launched his own boutique fashion line called Dress Abstract, as an extension of his artwork. With Dress Abstract, Nima hopes to enable artists to reach larger audiences. Socially committed, Nima works towards building a more sustainable future by employing neglected refugees in the US to make timeless pieces of wearable art. Visit our Shop to get your own specially selected pieces.

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Maria Adragna

Based out of New York, Maria is a wanderluster by heart, a published poet and writer, artist, soul nurturer and an inspirational bohemian. Interestingly, she is also the aunt to the founder of The Wellness Insight and with her seeks to inspire others to never give up. In her work, she shares what she has learned over the years, how she has been able to overcome life's ups and downs while still thriving in many different ways! She invites readers of all ages and from all walks of life to connect with her and ask for advice. As part of the Wellness Insighter Tribe, Maria writes about various topics in our Blog.

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Dave Smith & Prabighya Basnet

Based out of Nepal, Dave and Prabighya strive to live a low impact existence. On a small scale they create high quality and eco-friendly products by hand. Their brand is called Khali Khutta and along with the local people of the rural communities in the Himalaya they create unique, all natural, eco-friendly items that help to contribute to the livelihoods of Nepali people. Visit our Shop to see some of their products.


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Giovanna Spica

Is a New Yorker by heart although she currently resides in Barcelona. She is a published poet and writer who tries to captivate the artistic beauty that being a live and queer invites. She is also a lover of all things alive and honors that by living a vegan lifestyle. Thats right, for Giovana being vegan is not only about what you eat, its about how you think, how you see the world and how much you can respect it. As a Insighter she shares with us bits and pieces of her journey in life as a vegan; the triumphs and trails it entails, the enormous satisfaction that it yields and the dedication it requires. Visit our Blog so you can see yourself.

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