Are you adventurous? Do you like to try new, exhilarating and daring experiences? Do you like to explore new places and do things you've never done before? 

Our "Surf the Waves of Life" Retreat is for those free-spirited and open-minded. Although activities revolve around surfing and learning how to surf world class waves. It also involves yoga, mediation and cultural exploration. Whether you are new to surfing or a even a pro, northern Peru is a surfers' dream. Located on the north coast of Peru we invite you to stay in our beach front bungalows and take part our expert-curated retreat and guided experiences in areas such as yoga, wellness, meditation, surfing, and more. Enjoy our open-air yoga Sanctuary with view of the Pacific Ocean. Our private chef will prepare delicious healthy meals, juices and snacks with locally grown organic nutrient-rich food.



The retreat will take place in a small coastal town in the North of Peru called Lobitos. The town is small enough to feel secure to roam around and be able to find your way around. This place offers all kinds of ways for a levels of surfers. If your brave enough the retreat also offers road trips to other local beaches with different kind of world-class waves. Every day here is a good day to surf because the northern coast offers 320 days of sunshine.

What is included

  • Roundtrip Airport transportation 
  • Accommodation in Beach-front Bungalows  
  • Surf Classes up to 3 hours a day (Board & Wet-suit included)
  • Yoga Classes (Hatha or Vinyasa)
  • Stretching & Meditation 
  • 3x Vegetarian Meals Daily
  • 1x Morning Detox Smoothie Per day
  • Unlimited Herbal Medicinal Teas, Juices & Fresh Water.
  • A Wellness GypSea Welcome Pack
  • Road Trips to Other Local Surf Spots 

Whats Not Included

  • Air Line Tickets 
  • Additional Spa Treatment
  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Amazing running routes
  • Nightly Star Gazing
  • Sun Bathing & Tanning
  • Inspirational reading materials to stimulate your thinking
  • Volunteer at a local Non-Profit Organization (learn more about projects)
  • Visit the local market
  • Fishing Excursion  (additional fee)
  • Swim with Turtles (additional fee)
  • Take Spanish Lesson or Cooking classes  (additional fee)

Things To Do (optional)

$150 usd a night  



Peruvian Citizens have a 40% discount