Did you know that 14 million tons of clothes per year end up in US landfills or incinerators? Yes, that's 14 million tons of unwanted clothes that people no longer need or want just tossed away. That's about 80 pounds per person, according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  However, unlike banana peels, old clothes don't compost, even if they are made out of natural fibers. Most clothes go through many different processes before they become the clothes you wear on your back. They are bleached, dyed and printed on using many chemicals. Once they reach our landfills they may threaten the groundwater and if they are incinerated they release toxins into the air. Who would have thought that keeping up with the latest trends could be so toxic.

Fast fashion and cheap clothes are imposing new and unforeseen problems not only to the world, but also to our health. What if instead of buying clothes that wear and tear, you could buy a timeless piece that would never need to be thrown away and that would transcend all fashion trends for generations to come? Not a bad idea right? Well thats exactly what professional artist Nima Veiseh had in mind when he designed his new brand Dress Abstract in 2014. As a former doctoral researcher in Design and Sustainable Economics, it became clear to Nima during his studies that there were two important opportunities to help sustainability in the clothing industry.



Firstly, he would design clothes that would never need to be thrown away. Secondly, he would do that by employing neglected refugee talent within the US. Nima believes that immigrants are the foundation of America and to ignore them and their talents would be counter productive for a sustainable future. Therefore, when you Dress Abstract, you're actually helping displaced artists and hard-working refugees build a life in America. Since then, Dress Abstract has become the brand where art meets fashion in a new stylish sustainable way.

"Clothes is just another canvas," Nima claims.

Each piece is actually a fabulous work of art that has been carefully transformed into clothing. Then they are numbered, inspected, signed and given a Certificate to guarantee their authenticity. And, if you ever get tired of an item and feel the need to throw it away, they will send you a free shipping label to return it for a gift certificate towards your next purchase. Now that's a fashion statement I think anyone can work with! 

If your interested in viewing some items by Dress Abstract visit our Boutique where we have carefully selected timeless sustainable products for you. Shop now and dress like it Matters!