Questions are an important part of life. If you wish to live a spiritual and mindful life you must never cease to ask questions. Spirituality is an on-going conversation with you and your soul. If you haven´t started you must. I have come up with some questions to help you get the conversation started. During your conversation remember to stop, to listen and to reflect. Don't worry if you do not have all the answers, with time some will come and others will simply arise. Sometimes the questions themselves invoke you to seek out their answers and change your whole perception.  Be patient with yourself. Namaste.

  1. What does soul mean to me?
  2. Why do I exist?
  3. What am I grateful for?
  4. How do I define happiness?
  5. What do I truly wish to achieve in my lifetime?
  6. How would I would I like to be remembered?
  7. How often do I let my anger or emotions control what I say and do?
  8. Am I proud of who I am and who I am becoming? 
  9. What makes me sad or disappointed about myself?
  10. What is my deepest fear?
  11. Do I spend time alone? Do I enjoy my own company?
  12. If I could do anything and be paid for it, what would I do?
  13. What inspires me?
  14. Who am I really?
  15. Why do I love myself?
  16. Why do people love me?
  17. What is my deepest intention?
  18. Do I offend people or make them feel important?
  19. Do I spend time in nature and reflect often? why? why, not?
  20. Am I a wise person?
  21. Do I care deeply about others?